• Bois Enchanter
  • Dream Sweepers

    Dream Sweepers - Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi


    Dream Sweepers is a sound sculpture using speech (narration) and sound related to concepts of memory and experience. The audio souvenirs, perceived ambiances and the received sonic life of the city delivers its unconscious impressions / expressions and simultaneously transmits those via remote telephonic narratives and resounding cut ups echoing across different cityscapes (London, Marseille, Nantes, Amiens…etc). The Installation takes the form of Graphical Score - structured and unstructured elements refer to the possibility of alternative audio compositions of the inter-city soundscapes - Only those components needed for the audio inputs and outputs are used in this work.

    ESAD Amiens for DIY and Art exhibition 2009.        

    A collaboration with Julien Ottavi, Dream Sweepers was first shown at ESAD Amiens for DIY and Art exhibition 2009 and then Dream Sweepers 0.2 was developed in APO33, Nantes 2010 and exhibited at Morley Gallery, London for the aniversary of Cornelius Cardew 2011.

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  • Bois_Enchanter - Jenny Pickett

    Le Bois Enchanté    

    Le Bois Enchanter is a sound installation. A band of audio speakers protrude from the lawn where they transmit the secret sound or language of trees. These wooden voices create a space of chattering, sound poetry derived from an intimate listening to the trees that thrive at Garenne Lemot. Le Bois Enchanter used puredata to create a six channel spatialisation that modeled the movement of the wind through the trees.

    Exhibition Un mouche dans le tete 2012, Garenne Lemot, Clisson, France

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